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HPL is Having a Tiny Art Show!

June 22, 2022 at 9:36 AM

You may be wondering: What is a tiny art show? It’s an art show of small sized canvases. The canvases in HPL’s Tiny Art Show will be created by library patrons like YOU!

Throughout the month of July, the library is holding “open art times” for library patrons of all ages to come and create a small canvas. The library will provide various art supplies for you to use to design your canvas. The list of open art times is below, and on the library’s events calendar. If you’re not available to come to one of our open art times, you can pick up a tiny art kit at any of the desks in the library during the month of July. Tiny art kits will include one canvas and two paint brushes. You can use all kinds of art materials to design your canvas at home, as long as they follow the tiny art guidelines (Tiny_Art_Show_Guidelines.pdf). One person can only design one canvas, so choose what you create wisely!

Be sure to bring your canvas back to the library before July 30th for it to be displayed in our Tiny Art Show. Tiny art canvases will be displayed in the atrium of the library throughout July and August.


Open Art Times—Located in the Craft Room at HPL:

Tuesday, July 5: 1PM-5PM

Thursday, July 7: 5PM-8:45PM

Monday, July 11: 1PM-5PM

Tuesday, July 12: 1PM-5PM

Thursday, July 14: 5PM-8:45PM

Monday, July 18: 1PM-5PM

Tuesday, July 19: 1PM-5PM

Wednesday, July 20: 10AM-3PM

Thursday, July 21: 5PM-8:45PM

Monday, July 25: 1PM-5PM

Tuesday, July 26: 1PM-5PM

Thursday, July 28: 5PM-8:45PM

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