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HPL Eliminates Late Fines

August 29, 2022 at 7:57 PM

Starting September 1st, library materials owned by Henrietta Public Library and Rush Public Library will not accrue late fines. We believe the benefits of eliminating late fines outweigh the cost. Late fees are a reason some of the most vulnerable people in our communities—children, people who have disabilities, the elderly—don’t use our libraries. Consider this: If each member in a family of five checks out five items, and a parent gets sick and returns all those items three days late, those $0.35 a day late fees will add up to $26.25.

Why we are we eliminating late fines:

  • Eliminating late fines is a local and national trend. Other libraries in Monroe County have removed late fines on certain items.
  • Late fines are not a consistent source of revenue due to online renewals and email/text reminders.

What to expect with the elimination of late fines:

  • Come back to the library without fear of judgment.
  • Check out materials without having to worry about late fines.
  • Return materials on time to benefit the whole community.
  • Lost and damaged items will still be billed for replacement.

Learn more about libraries that have eliminated late fees:

For more information on Henrietta Public Library eliminating late fines, visit our webpage about going late fine free.

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