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Companion Planting Gardening Presentation

June 17, 2020 at 8:00 PM

When planting in beds, there are benefits to combining varieties of plants. This approach mimics the way plants grow in the natural world. When certain plants are grown together, they can grow better, yielding more fruit, and even taste better; these are called companion plants. Join us for a presentation led by Cornell Cooperative Extension Agricultural Educator Jarmila Haseler, on Wednesday, June 24 from 7-8pm. Participants will learn how to maximize their vegetable harvest using companion planting strategies. Please register.

Companion Planting will meet online using Zoom. Some basic knowledge of how to use Zoom is required, such as how to join a meeting. Email invitations will be sent out to registrants 12-24 hours in advance. Don't know how to use Zoom? We've got classes for that! Check out our full events calendar for dates and times.

Closed Captioning: Given 48 hours notice, HPL has the ability to offer Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) Services for this event. Please contact Amy Discenza at to make a request.


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