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Beachy Books We Love to Read Virtual Book Discussion

Join us as we talk about books to read on sunny days and sandy beaches. Will they be light? Yes! Page-turners? Yes! Will there be... romance? Yes, yes, yes! Library staff will share some of their favorite beach reads, and we’ll hear about your favorites, too. Beachy Books We Love meets on Tuesday, June 30, from 7-7:45pm. Read Article

Enjoy e-books and e-audiobooks with OverDrive

Join Technology Librarian, Hannah Ralston on Thursday, June 25, from 2-3:30pm, to learn how to borrow digital materials from the public library. Through the powers of the internet, you can listen to stories on your smartphone, or stay up reading all night on your tablet! All you need is a compatible device, you library card, and an open mind.

About our…

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Companion Planting Gardening Presentation

When planting in beds, there are benefits to combining varieties of plants. This approach mimics the way plants grow in the natural world. When certain plants are grown together, they can grow better, yielding more fruit, and even taste better; these are called companion plants. Join us for a presentation led by Cornell Cooperative Extension Agricultural Educator Jarmila Haseler, on…

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Short Books We Love Online Book Discussion

Is the pandemic impacting your ability to concentrate on reading? US TOO! Join us for this discussion of novels and novellas that are short, under 200 pages. Register to hear about some of our favorite petite books and to share some of yours. Short Books We Love will meet online using Zoom on Thursday, June 18 from 7-8pm. Some basic knowledge of how to…

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Now's the Time to Plan for Retirement

In this installment of the Need to Know Series, our presenters dive into the basics of retirement planning. Participants will learn when to start planning (hint: it’s never too early), the importance of setting goals, how employer plans differ from outside options, social security strategies, and much more. Whether you’re just beginning your career and looking for guidance or you’re…

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Citizen Science Technology Sampler

Have you ever wondered how you can make a positive, environmental impact in your own community? Are you looking for a way to learn more about nature? Do you want to pick up an interesting new hobby, get outdoors more, and meet new friends?

If you answered "Yes!" to any of these questions, then becoming a citizen scientist may be just the…

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Comedy Improv Workshop with Julie Donofrio

In this fun, interactive online workshop, participants will learn the fundamental rules of improvisation and some basic comedy techniques, as well as a variety of theater games and comedy improv games, such as those featured on the television show, Whose Line Is It Anyway? Workshop takes place on Thursday, June 11 from 7-8:30pm.  Please register. Comedy Improv Workshop will meet online…

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Post-Apocalyptic Books We Love

Do you love books like The Hunger Games, The Stand, and Station Eleven? Then this is the discussion for you! Register to hear about some of our favorite post-apocalyptic books and to share some of yours. Post-Apocalyptic Books We Love will meet online using Zoom. Some basic knowledge of how to use Zoom is required, such as how to Read Article

Red Cross Blood Drive at Library on June 6

Make a difference in someone's life by giving blood. On Saturday, June 6, the library will be an American Red Cross Blood Drive donation site from 10am-3pm in the Community Room. This blood drive is held in memory of Robert L. Barley, father of Town Board member Robert Barley. Donations are by appointment. Schedule yours online at or call…

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Trying Times: Tips for Coping with Stress and Uncertainty

How are you really feeling? Let's face it, even during the best of times most of us struggle to manage stress. When times get tough, stress levels often skyrocket. Join us for a time out with Dr. Maria Saavedra Finger, licensed clinical psychologist. She'll offer up strategies for improving emotional wellbeing and coping with stress during trying times. Maria will speak about mindfulness and…

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