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Beliefs that Limit Potential Workshop

Are you feeling stuck or as though you are experiencing a lack of purpose in some areas of your life? Many individuals allow beliefs they've developed throughout their lives to limit them from experiencing a life full of joy and peace. When individuals remove the expectations of others and reconnect to their truest self, not only do they encounter a more…

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Job Search Virtual Workshops with RochesterWorks!

Rochester Works has expanded their offering of virtual workshops for job seekers this month! Workshops include Disability and Disclosure, Using Social Media for Your Job Search, and Using Business Incentives to Market Yourself. In addition, you are invited to participate in online job strategy groups on Wednesdays. These helpful workshops require you to register. Registration links are included in the Read Article

Adventures in Suburban Homesteading - Don't try this at home!

Homesteading is a way to take fuller responsibility for our lives, meeting as many needs as possible from the place we steward and call home.  That can mean growing some or all of our food, raising livestock, keeping a flock of laying chickens, and finding ways to generate an income from home.  Homesteading in the suburbs offers some unique opportunities…

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Zoom Exploration Session

Are you intimidated by Zoom? Well, here's your chance to test-drive the video conferencing platform in a small-group setting under the guidance of an HPL staff member. Those who enroll will learn how to both actively participate in a Zoom meeting and host one of their own. We're going to press all of the buttons and have a good time. Come once…

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Creating Balance Workshop

Have you ever felt like you’re on a hamster wheel day in and day out? Are you lacking purpose and direction? In this interactive virtual workshop from 7-8pm on Wednesday, August 19, Lori Goldsmith and Lyle Fair of Upstate Wellness will lead an in-depth discussion about the six key areas of your life, followed by an eye-opening exercise to help…

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80's Trivia (Excellent!)

Join us online on Thursday, August 13, from 7-8:30pm, for some Totally Excellent Trivia. We will cover all things 80's including fashion, sports, music and movies. Get your scrunchies and your best flashdance sweatshirt and let's go crazy (with nostalgia!). Please register.

80's Trivia will meet online using Zoom. Some basic knowledge of how to use Zoom is required, such as how…

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2020 Read Harder Challenge: Books We Love

Every year, Book Riot puts out the Read Harder Challenge, a list of tasks for readers who want to stretch out of their typical reading patterns. On Wednesday, August 12, from 7-7:45pm, our staff will talk about some of their favorite books that meet various tasks on the 2020 Read Harder Checklist, and then we'll hear about your reading adventures. Please…

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Guided Meditation Series Led by Lori Goldsmith

A regular meditation practice can help reduce stress, increase clarity, and promote happiness. Join us for a three-part guided meditation series with Lori Goldsmith of Upstate Wellness on Wednesdays, August 6, September 10, and October 1 from 7-7:40pm. She'll lead participants through a 30-minute meditation and offer up a few tips to help you elevate your home practice. You don't…

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A Message About Returns

If you've recently returned items in our book drop and they're still showing up on your account, never fear! We are currently receiving an extremely high volume of returns and we're doing our best to keep up. In addition, we quarantine all returns for 72 hours before they're checked-in and shelved. Thank you for your patience. We'll be sure to…

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Introduction to Drawdown: Reversing Global Warming

Introduction to Drawdown is an interactive presentation that invites you to see both the possibility of reversing global warming and the most effective ways that you can help that happen, in an inspiring and easily understandable format. Project Drawdown is a scientific study that identified 80 existing solutions that, together, can actually draw down greenhouse gases and start to reverse global…

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