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E-Books at Your Library

Hopefully, the word is getting out that the Monroe County Public Library System provides FREE downloadable e-books. The public libraries in the county submit orders individually, which then become one big collection, all of which is available to all cardholders. Even though digital files are infinitely reproducible, we must use the paper book model of one borrower at a time…

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Learning from You

Many thanks to all of you who participated in the survey we conducted this past June. We learn so much from surveys like this. Sometimes they help us identify problems that have simple solutions. For instance, many people commented that the lit sign in our DVD area was too noisy, so we had it modified. Visitors and staff are both…

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Scan Pro 2000 – Digital Microform Reader

You might be asking yourself, what is a microform reader? Historically, they are the huge machines that you would see in libraries and they were used to look at microfilm or microfiche. We, here at the Henrietta Public Library, have a microfilm collection in our Local History area. It consists of the Henrietta Post starting in the 1960’s, the Henrietta…

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