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Book Our Craft Room!

Our Craft Room is a great place to get messy! It's a flexible space designed for creativity, play, and hands-on learning and creation. We welcome formal and informal community groups of up to 12 people who would like to explore their creativity in this space. Our Craft Room provides the following amenities: tables, chairs, a sink, counter space, and laminate…

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Explore Witches in Pop Culture

Maya Rook of Illusory Time and the History Happy Hour series explores representations of witches across the ages! From Circe to the witch trials to Sabrina, this event will trace the evolution of witches in the western world, with a focus on 20th and 21st century popular culture. The program will meet online using Zoom on Monday, September 27 from…

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Explore the Basics of Composting!

Composting! Please join Color Henrietta Green on September 22 as we explore the basics of composting with Sue Nolan from the Monroe Cornell Cooperative Extension. We will also discuss why food waste matters. Learn about how broken trash bins are being repaired and turned into backyard compost bins and how neighborhood 3-bin systems are being built from recycled materials by volunteers.…

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Tech Time with Laura

We may not have in person Tech Tutors at this time, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t here to help with your specific technology questions. Virtually stop by Tech Time with Technology Library Assistant Laura on September 17 and she will help you walk though the issues you might be having. Due to the nature of this program, you may…

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Books That Make Us Hungry

On Wednesday, September 15, from 7-8pm, library staff booktalkers will tell you about books that made them want to cook and eat and maybe open a restaurant. After we hear from our scheduled booktalkers, we'll open the discussion to hear about your favorites. Bring your literary appetite! This event will meet online using Zoom. Some basic knowledge of how to…

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Tuesday Night Book Club on a Monday!

ONE TIME SCHEDULE CHANGE: Please join us on a special Monday night meeting of the Tuesday Night book Club on September 13 at 7pm! This month is Reader's Choice - Non-Fiction. Bring in your favorite non fiction book and a brief (no more than 5 minutes) summary of the book. Non-Fiction covers so much, memoirs, history, social causes, cookbooks, self-help, poetry, music, and…

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Create Your Own Dungeons & Dragons Character for Teens

Hey, Teens! Want to start playing Dungeons and Dragons but you don't know how to make a character? We can help! Whether you want to be a Halfling Ranger, a noble Elven Wizard, a stocky Dwarven Cleric, or any other combination that D&D offers, we can walk through how to do that! Learn how to decide everything from your character's…

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Apply to Be a Henrietta Public Library Trustee

The Henrietta Public Library Board of Trustees has three vacancies and is seeking individuals interested in serving on this volunteer board. If you are enthusiastic about serving the needs of the community and supporting public libraries, please consider applying. Click here to access the full announcement which includes some of the responsibilities of a trustee as…

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