About the Library

Library Cards

A library card is key to getting the most out of your library. Monroe County residents are welcome to get a card at no charge.

Adults: Please bring in a photo ID and proof of address.

Children (11 and younger): The child plus a parent or guardian must come in together, and the adult will need to bring in a photo ID and proof of address.

Teens (ages 12-17): The teen must bring in proof of a Monroe County address in order to get a card. The teen can come in with, or without a parent of guardian.

If You Live Outside Monroe County: Cards for out-of-county residents cost $25/year. Applicants will need to show photo ID and proof of address.

College Students: If you live in Monroe County while attending a Monroe County school, you may get a library card at no charge. Please bring in a photo ID, school ID, proof of out-of-county address, and proof of local address.

Replacement Cards: No cost. You will need to bring in photo ID.

If you are unable to visit the library in person, there is still an option for you to check out materials through our digital collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks. You can apply for a Monroe County Library System eCard online.

Responsibilities for Lost or Damaged Items

Henrietta Public Library has eliminated late fines on all library materials owned by Henrietta Public Library. Items from other libraries will still accrue late fines and other types of fines, subject to the policies for the library branch. To learn more about our elimination of late fines, see our infographic here.

Even though we do not have late fines, you are still responsible for paying for a replacement for an item that has lost or damaged. 

  • Lost or Damaged Items: We charge a fixed amount, based on the type of item. Please call us at 359-7092, or us email here, to inquire about the cost of your particular lost or damaged library item.
  • Blocked Cards: If the charges on your account exceed $20.00, you will not be able to use your card until you pay down your fines. If your charges exceed $35.00, we may send you to a collection agency.

Questions? Complications? Please contact us here. We’re always happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get a library card?

You can register for a library card anytime we are open. You will need to bring photo ID and proof of your Monroe County address. If you’re a student at a local college but have a permanent address somewhere else, you can still get a card here! Bring in your school ID, local address and permanent address. If you don’t live in Monroe County, you can register for an Out of County card. If you only want access to our digital materials, you can get an E-Card.

How can I return items I've borrowed?

Our drive-up book drop is open 24/7, and you may return items at any time. You may also return items in our indoor book drop located at the end of the service desk on your left as you enter the building.

Can I borrow e-books from the library?

Yes, if you have a valid library card or e-card. You can borrow e-books and e-audiobooks through the website Overdrive or their app, Libby. You can find information to help you get started using Overdrive here. We are more than happy to help you with e-books and your electronic devices in the library and via telephone every day. Just call or email us anytime we are open.

Do you accept book donations?

Yes! We can accept donated materials any time we are open at the Circulation Desk. The items that we accept are books (in good condition, hardcover or paperback), magazines, video DVDs, and jigsaw puzzles. Please limit your donations to one box or two bags.

Am I able to print documents at the library?

Yes, we have a self-serve print kiosk on the second floor. Directions for use are posted, and you can also receive assistance from staff from a safe distance. Our public use computers have been spaced for safe use and are available to print from. It is $.20 per black and white page printed and $.50 per color page printed.

Do you proctor exams at the library?

Yes, we do proctor exams at the library. Please fill out an exam proctoring request form here.

What’s your holiday schedule?

We close on New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. We are open during several holidays when other institutions are typically closed, like Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Presidents’ Day, and Good Friday. For updates on our hours, call the library or check out the news.

Do you provide accommodations for the deaf and hard of hearing?

We welcome all community members, regardless of levels of education, experience, physical or cognitive abilities. HPL staff can accommodate an interpreter for most in person events, given 48 hours advance notice. Requests for an interpreter can be directed to [email protected] (adult services) and [email protected] (youth services). Check our online calendar for our classes and events.

How do I apply to present a program at the library?

If you'd like to present a program, please fill out this program application and either email us an electronic copy or turn in a print copy at the library. We also have paper copies of this application available at the front circulation desk. 

(updated: 3/2023)