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More Characters than Twitter: Meet Stephani

January 07, 2017 at 9:05 PM

Stephani Dudrak plays a vital function in the Henrietta Public Library’s day-to-day operation: The Elite Cast of Volunteers. They are a person without gender who, after being inspired by their school librarians, Ms. Kimmel and Ms. Reed, greatly desires to become a school librarian as well. In addition to volunteering here, they also volunteer annually at Teen Book Fest. Currently, Stephani is in a senior at MCC, about to obtain their Liberal Arts degree. Their favorite letter is “X” and favorite punctuation is a Question-Comma. Their ‘to-be-read-list’ includes the book series “Library Wars” about local libraries banning together against a censorship-filled government. They are interested in reading this series because they “want to prepare . . .” 


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