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More Characters Than Twitter - Meet Kristen

October 27, 2016 at 7:00 PM

On a dark and dreary late-summer night was born a most peculiar girl named Kristen Shepherd. Though now she works at the library in Henrietta as our Statistical Manipulator, she was raised way out in western Ohio. A fearless child, she caught her own pet - a black cat she named Ebony—by age five. The cat seemed to do her bidding, attacking and snubbing her younger brother whenever Ebony got the chance. Kristen also once attempted to bring her 5-foot-tall teddy-bear, “Teddy,” to life. Currently, without being planted, plotted, or otherwise planned, a pumpkin patch has sprouted in her backyard and grants her a single full-sized pumpkin every year before Halloween.  It’s also been reported that Kristen may or may not weigh the same as a duck. 


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