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Looking for a Book Club?

August 22, 2017 at 9:00 PM

The Henrietta Public Library is planning a new book club for adults commencing in 2018. We need readers to get this started – because a book club would be pretty boring with only books and no clubbers – right? Many possibilities are brewing in my head. Perhaps a “Books with Bite” club which could meet at Wegmans for food and controversy. Or a club dedicated to “Short but Maybe Not So Sweet” titles, hopefully under 250 pages, which contain unsavory themes or plots. I have even thought of a combination of these two: one month a longer, big meal of a book followed the next month with a tidbit.  What do you think? I do know, due to the constraints of our present building, we may have to meet outside the library and probably not at night. We would provide copies of the book in different formats when possible. Please let me know by email,, or call (585) 359-7092 or (585) 444-2318 (Voicemail) if you are interested. --Nancy Maxwell, Book Club Newbie


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