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Issuing Library Cards at RIT

February 14, 2013 at 9:43 AM


Yesterday, Dacy and I went to RIT's Wallace Library to issue public library cards to students and staff. A few months ago, RIT librarian Lara Nicosia contacted me with the idea of having a library card sign up day at their library. Since their library's focus is academic materials, there isn't as much available to students looking for recreational reads, and she felt that our OverDrive system, which allows users to borrow ebooks and downloadable audiobooks, would be something that could fill this need. I agreed, and so we worked together to figure out logistics and set a time and date for the program.

This is a fantastic example of an effective outreach project, where we found a need and filled it through collaborative effort that allowed each of us to build on our strengths. The staff at RIT did the advertising, set up tables and equipment, and provided refreshments. We brought the cards, informational materials, and laptops that could access our circulation system and OverDrive. The staff at RIT are the kindest hosts, and we had a wonderful time. Dacy issued the cards, and I showed people how to use their various devices to access OverDrive. We registered a number of students, and we even renewed cards for some faculty and staff. We're hoping to do another library card sign up day at RIT in early fall, soon after the new students arrive on campus.


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