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Girl Scouts' Knowledge of Trees on Display

February 08, 2013 at 9:54 AM

Exhibited in our display case are projects completed by the Girl Scout Cadettes of Troop 60683 to earn a badge about trees. Stop in to see their awesome exhibit in the Display Case near the Circulation Desk!  Read on to find out from Cadette Riley Gastin what the scouts learned about trees and their impact on our lives.

"We are part of a Home school troop of Juniors, Cadettes, Amabassadors and Seniors.  We like camping, outdoor activities and we love animals. I consider our troop an "old fashioned" troop. We do things more like the BoyScouts do. We focus on knots, camping, Fist Aid and learning life skills. Our Cadettes are working on a badge learning about trees and how they impact our lives.

We are excited about what we learned and wanted other children to enjoy learning about trees as well.   Our display is to show others more about trees.  We learned about the parts of a tree, drew diagrams and labeled them. We drew pictures of our dream tree houses. 

During a warm sunny day in January we learned how to make maple syrup by tapping the trees in our yard in Henrietta and then boiled the sap we collected to make our own maple syrup. It was really good.  We learned about debating and participated in a mock debate on deforestation and illegal logging.   Each Cadette planted trees in a park and learned about  preparation, planting and caring for a sapling. 

We want to help make our world a better place."

  By Riley 13, for The Cadettes of Troop 60683



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